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my little artist

  Just a girl with her favorite toy- a paint brush. My little leftie artist- her work makes me smile, it brightens up our walls too.

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This session was a blast! Thank you Katie (and Stephanie!) for a fabulous time!

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Going on an adventure

Sometimes I get lucky enough to document a lifestyle session. I LOVE doing these. I love it when people invite me into their lives to capture them, right where they are, right now. This especially goes for kiddos. There is just something so extra special about capturing a kiddo’s life in the now-maybe it’s because

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Isn’t this mama just radiant?! She’s got that glow! Just a few more weeks until baby boy’s arrival! Not pictured are two lovely big sisters- they’ll be along for the newborn session and it’s going to be sooo precious. Enjoy the sneak-peek from their golden hour maternity session- I can’t get over this lighting!!

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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

It’s been quiet over here on the blog…life gets that way sometimes! December wrapped up with Gavin turning 11, Piper turning 3, followed by Christmas and the new year. Owen turned 7 in early January, the pandemic seems to still be going strong, and wow…what a historical, dramatic inauguration. Goodness there’s been a LOT to

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Erwin Family

I have had the honor of documenting this family since baby girl was a newborn! We recently met up for a session and I have to say, I ADORE these images!  

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Fall in TX

We are so blessed to have the beach right nearby- there’s just something extra special about coastal living on a warm day in December!  It’s 80 degrees, the sun is shining, there’s hardly anyone here- the perfect beach day if you ask me! By the time this post hits the blog, it will be rainy

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Piper+Violet…Almost Three!

Three years ago, my sister-in-law and I were anxiously counting the days until these two girls’ arrival. During our pregnancies we cracked jokes that she would have Violet in January, well past her due date, and that I would have Piper at least a month early, because that is exactly how it’s been in the

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