8 weeks

Somehow Owen is eight weeks old. This week he has officially mastered the art of smiling! He is also cooing to me a lot more. If only I knew what he was saying! Ian loves to hold him, and recently I have started letting him bring Owen to me when he cries (as long as we are in the same room). I can tell Ian feels really special and big 🙂 Gavin loves to talk to his  baby brother, and especially likes to show him all of his cool cars and action figures. This week I also noticed Owen went through a growth spurt! The newborn sleepers are fitting a little better, the feet don’t dangle under him anymore, and his cheeks look like they are filling out a little bit. Another big milestone: Owen is beginning to like his Daddy more consistently (yay!)….that means I can take a shower regularly, and do housework somewhat! Life seems to settling down more, and we are getting into a routine that is more dependable by the day. Nights are still difficult because he wakes 2-4 times to feed, but I think that too will get easier, now that he is putting on weight more steadily. And on to this week’s pictures…
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