9 weeks

This week has brought lots of changes for Owen. He is now holding his head up very well, though he will let it fall forward sometimes. He is smiling at other people a little bit- I know his brothers are especially happy about it. I wanted to wait until I knew he could definitely do the next accomplishment before sharing: he is signing “milk” when I sign it to him! I have been trying to consistently sign to him at most feeds, I started when he was about 3 weeks old. Usually he is crying, and so I wasn’t sure if he would pick it up anytime soon. We taught Ian sign language, and I always thought the early introduction to communication really contributed to his large vocabulary at a young age, maybe Owen will be a chatty one too, who knows? For this week’s pictures, I took a few inside and outside as well. The sun was setting, and the lighting was really gorgeous. It was pretty chilly too, so we only stayed out for 5 minutes.
9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (1)9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (3)9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (5)^This has been the week of funny expressions. So fun to watch!

9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (7)
9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (9)^ He loooved watching the magnolia tree up above.

9 weeks | Blog, Owen, Personal (11)

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