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Aren’t these girls just precious? How blessed they are to have each other to navigate this world! Congratulations to the Speir family!

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A Little Christmas Decorating

Something about 2020 has me searching high and low for Christmas JOY! Yes, I’ve begun Christmas decorating and it’s not even Thanksgiving…if you don’t like it…go away with that negativity! In all seriousness, living through a pandemic I think allows for things like early Christmas! Keeping it extra/ridiculous, Piper got her very own tree in

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Xaiden & Kamari

I have best job in the whole world…literally. Rachelle and I are blessed to document one of the most beautiful parts of life…the newborn stage! Some of you might be thinking….Rachelle? Who’s that? She’s the other half of the newborn session workflow! We’ve been working together for over a year now, and I am super

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A Little Beach Session

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured someone other than Piper on here…and I can’t think of a better family than this lovely one! Today is also baby girl’s first birthday, so happy birthday, sweet one! <3  

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Fall came through…for a few days

Last week we had a few cooler days…so I dressed Piper up and played with leaves in the driveway! While the leaves were fun to play with, Piper says “weaves smell yucky” and she recommends you not sniff them. Now on to the fun part…the pictures! I had fully intended on taking her into town

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April’s Flowers

 These pictures were snapped back in April, and I’m finally taking the time to post here on the blog. I don’t have any deep words to go along with these pictures, so I’ll just share these in hopes that it brightens your day!

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Blackberry Picking with Cousins

We recently went blackberry picking with some of the cousins at a local farm and it was so fun to get out and do something normal! The kids were all OVER it by the time we headed home, but we are already making plans for a visit in the fall! I froze about half of

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Golden Hour Babe

I am coming up empty on exactly how to convey what these pictures make me feel. Mostly, I feel warm and blessed to call this free-spirited girl mine. I know she’s that puzzle piece we waited a long time for. In her nearly 2.5 years, she’s filled our home with a special happy that only

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