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Hello…Anyone there?

I want to be one of these cool blogger- moms (that’s probably not a real term) but alas, I just can’t seem to keep up on it. I post a few times a year, and that’s about it. But today- January 29th, 2020, I’d like to change that! So look out world…I am going to

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Piper’s Birth

  Piper’s due date was 12/30/17. Pretty early on, I had a feeling she was going to make us all wait a good long time for her arrival….after all, we had been waiting a long time for a little girl of our very own…why would I expect anything else? Around week 36/37 I began to

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Bottles at Bearded Lady Soap Factory

Some of you, but probably not all, know my parents live on a farm. Specifically, they raise dairy goats! The milk is really only the beginning of the soap-making process for my mom. I admire her-she’s one of the hardest working people I know! When we can, we try to time our visits at Mimi

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Mom Guilt

I’d like to bring up a subject moms seem to struggle with…mom guilt! I think we all have, or will struggle with it! There really shouldn’t be any shame, it’s a totally common struggle! The more I talk with other moms, the more I’m convinced we are all in the same boat! If we could maybe

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A Little Something Fun

When was the last time I blogged? Two years ago or so? Does anyone even check this thing anymore? (ha!) I am baaaaack! Motherhood sucks the energy right out of you, folks…I know every Mom knows what I’m talking about! For my first blog post in two years…a little something fun! This past weekend I

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Joel and Maitreyee {Engaged}

Happy New Year! I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year, than to celebrate this couple’s new status! I am so, so thrilled for my dear friends, Joel and Maitreyee. I’ve known Joel since we were kiddos, and I couldn’t be happier for him, he’s found THE one. I feel

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Brazoria County Fair 2016

  This year’s trip to the fair was so much fun! And exhausting. Apparently chasing three boys around when there are only 2 parents, is really difficult. This is why I don’t go places often. Haha! We spent about 3 hours there, and the boys hit up every ride, some multiple times. (Gotta put those

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He’s 10!

Ian is 10 today. This very moment, 10 years ago, I was in the hospital preparing to bring my first child, a baby boy we decided to name Ian, into the world. I remember being so sacred, and confident at the same time. I could, we could do this. His delivery was a difficult one…he

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