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Baby Cedric

How handsome is this little boy? This is  just one of those sessions that was as perfect as they come. He is so blessed to have his loving  Mommy and Daddy, they are absolutely smitten with him (as they should be!). Congratulations Eric and Anne!!! ^cutest little Batman I’ve ever seen!

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Fall 2013 Sessions….one long, picture heavy post

I’m still here! Just finally posting session pictures from the Fall…better late than never, right? Thank you for a fun time, friends! * I just know there are more sessions hidden somewhere in a big stack, maybe one day soon I can get them on the blog too, this post was already feeling too long!*

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12 Weeks

12 weeks old today- and this boy still hates tummy time, though we have recently found a few tricks to keep him distracted for a few minutes. I will usually lay down in front of him and sing songs and that keeps him happy. I’m snensing this boy really likes to be held (what baby

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11 weeks

Happy 11 weeks to my youngest boy! This week we have begun focusing more on “tummy time”- he really does not like it! I hope he will decide to change his mind soon! The first picture was snapped right after he victoriously rolled onto his back-little stinker! (I just noticed- he is wearing the same

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10 Weeks

Can you believe Owen is 10 weeks old? I can’t either! He is a sweet boy, so bright eyed, and still so tiny too! He even let me pose him a little for a picture while he was asleep! 🙂

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9 weeks

This week has brought lots of changes for Owen. He is now holding his head up very well, though he will let it fall forward sometimes. He is smiling at other people a little bit- I know his brothers are especially happy about it. I wanted to wait until I knew he could definitely do

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8 weeks

Somehow Owen is eight weeks old. This week he has officially mastered the art of smiling! He is also cooing to me a lot more. If only I knew what he was saying! Ian loves to hold him, and recently I have started letting him bring Owen to me when he cries (as long as

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