Hello…Anyone there?

I want to be one of these cool blogger- moms (that’s probably not a real term) but alas, I just can’t seem to keep up on it. I post a few times a year, and that’s about it. But today- January 29th, 2020, I’d like to change that! So look out world…I am going to be posting a few times over the next few weeks! Today, I’m featuring my favorite, and only girl. Look at her newest skillset- going from cute to disaster inside of five frames. She’s 2 years old somehow, and I am loving the sass and giggles but the drama…oh, the drama. I’m not sure how to be a mother to a child who feels. all. the. feelings. HELP. She’s also so strong-willed. Y’all- I prayed for this. I prayed for a strong-willed, giggly girl who loves adventure. Check, check, check. What I didn’t realize was that it would mean the strong-willed box would be checked most of the time, with a dash of adventure and side of smiles, all at the same time. No regrets…but mamas a few years ahead of me…tell me it gets better!? And approximately when does it get better? Signing off with photographic evidence of my current reality. Yes, those twinkly lights are on my Christmas tree that’s still up.
Hello...Anyone there? | Kids, Personal, Piper (1)Hello...Anyone there? | Kids, Personal, Piper (3)Hello...Anyone there? | Kids, Personal, Piper (5)Hello...Anyone there? | Kids, Personal, Piper (7)Hello...Anyone there? | Kids, Personal, Piper (9)

2 thoughts on “Hello…Anyone there?”

  1. How wonderful to have these memories in the coming years. They will mean so much to Piper as she gets older. And it will help you to remember all the love and joy she is giving you and the family. I’ve watched her grow since birth and have felt the love and joy she has given to the family. Piper is going to be a strong, independent woman someday and it is because you are such a loving, caring, and conscious mother.


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