My poor neglected blog.
It’s been too long.  Life has this way of being so full, and busy but I miss writing (typing really) out my thoughts and sharing images here! We have lived in Angleton, TX now for just over a year! I love it here. The best way I can describe life here, is to say, it’s like we’ve always been here. The people are so kind, and neighborly, there were hardly any awkward “new in town” feelings around here. Our neighbors next door welcomed us with open arms and fresh tomatoes from the garden, oh and a container of homemade salsa.  It really doesn’t get any better than that! We have found a church, and again…open arms. Our boys have made friends, and have settled in….small town life suits us all very well. There are trees to climb, and lots of room for them to run. Last school year, the older two were home schooled for the first half of the year, and then attended public school the 2nd half. I’ve missed homeschooling them dearly, and after much prayer, and (many) talks with the husband, we’ve decided to officially be a homeschooling family.  Ian is thrilled to be taught 4th grade from home, and Gavin was on board as soon as he realized he wouldn’t have to “walk forever” home from the school bus every day. Owen wants to do “shool” too, maybe next year for him! I am excited to learn along with my boys,  because honestly we never stop learning, do we?  I am still LOVING photography, and it is keeping me busy! In fact…this post was supposed to be a little studio tour, but then I started rambling on about other things! So, on to the tour! The studio is in our home, and doubles as a guest room on occasion.
I photograph newborns up to 1 yr old in this space, and the occasional older kiddo if needed. DSC_3731-blog DSC_3724-blog

Yes. I have a “junk drawer” where all of my over flow baby props go…essentially anything I want to weed out soon, or not use for a while (so it’s not over used in images)

I love to keep all of my hand-made wraps together in a drawer, no they are not all rolled up perfectly in real life…but it makes a pretty picture!

DSC_3716-blog DSC_3713-blog
Posing beanbag area, babies spend lots of time on that comfy thing!

DSC_3707-blog DSC_3702-blog DSC_3694-blog DSC_3691-blog DSC_3672-blog DSC_3665-blog
Thanks for taking a minute to read about what we’ve been up to as a family, and checking out my little studio space!
If you are looking to have your new baby photographed,  please send me an inquiry at and I’ll gladly chat with you!

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