3 Weeks

Today marks 3 weeks since Owen’s birth. Time is flying by it seems. I am still recovering from the c-section…seems like its taking longer this 2nd time around. I am so ready to just hop back into the swing of things! I am incredibly sleep deprived, and at times pretty grouchy…yet I am so content, sleep can be had again one day, but this time can’t. At least 3 times a day, both Ian and Gavin request snuggles with their brother. I absolutely love that they are both so incredibly nurturing. If Owen cries out, Ian runs to see if he can fix it with a pacifier, and Gavin comes running ” to make sure the baby is ok”. Their bond grows daily.  Daniel has been invaluable through this time, always willing to bring me a glass of water, or cook dinner, or keep older boys occupied while I feed baby, and let’s not forget those middle of the night diaper changes! (priceless!)  If there was a way I could bottle up this time, and keep it stored on a shelf, I would. That’s what blogging is for, right? 🙂 I took these pictures of Owen yesterday, to document his tiny little self. He has nearly out-grown preemie sized clothes already, my growing boy!

3 Weeks | Owen, Personal (1)3 Weeks | Owen, Personal (3)3 Weeks | Owen, Personal (5)3 Weeks | Owen, Personal (7)

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