5 weeks

It turns out I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures of Owen on a weekly basis.
At five weeks old, he is still sleeping a lot, and adjusting very well to a sleep schedule. He is holding his head up on his own for about one minute at a time. He hates baths (unless Mommy gets in the tub with him). I can see the tiniest hint of an intentional smile every once in a while, soon I’m sure we will see more of them. He is starting to get really good at turning his head towards certain sounds that appeal to him…like his brothers. When he hears one of them talking nearby, he will turn and look for their face.  It’s the sweetest thing, and they love it too. If someone else is holding him, he will almost always have his head turned so he can see me. I think it is the cutest thing. In a way, I’m glad he prefers Mommy right now…all too soon it seems they grow bigger and don’t need the mommy snuggles. I think that’s it for this week…on to the pictures.
5 weeks | Owen, Personal (1)
5 weeks | Owen, Personal (3)5 weeks | Owen, Personal (5)
5 weeks | Owen, Personal (7)

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