Brazoria County Fair 2016


This year’s trip to the fair was so much fun! And exhausting.
Apparently chasing three boys around when there are only 2 parents, is really difficult. This is why I don’t go places often. Haha! We spent about 3 hours there, and the boys hit up every ride, some multiple times. (Gotta put those wristbands to good use!) This was the first time Owen was big enough to go on rides, and Gavin was big enough to go on some of the medium sized rides. Ian enjoyed the heck out of the adult rides. You may notice I dressed Owen up a little over the top…I couldn’t help myself, he’s still little and could care less about what he wears…I know these days are very limited! I hope my boys will appreciate these pictures one day…sometimes they get annoyed with my picture taking, but I’m convinced they’ll thank me later.

dsc_3016-blogThat one on the left…reminds me so much of a certain brother of mine!
dsc_3012-1 Just looking to “catch the next ride”…
dsc_3040-2SO HOT. Heat index was 97. On October 19th. Texas doesn’t have Fall.

dsc_3123-1-blog“Welcome to the fair!”

dsc_3190-1Mad. Because we wouldn’t let him run around unsupervised.
dsc_3112-blogSuch good sports, letting me snap pictures all evening.
dsc_3260-1Cotton candy, because you must have it when at the fair.
dsc_3270-blogI even stepped in FRONT of the camera for a picture…taken by Ian. Look at those two munchkins on the right…can you tell they don’t know what cotton candy is?
dsc_3262-1And that’s a wrap! He was so tired from all the walking that he plunked himself  down, right in the middle of the walkway, and enjoyed his cotton candy.

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