It’s only taken me eight months to finally share these! Back in November, Daniel and I went on a fabulous trip with some people from his work. I learned that Costa Rica is insanely gorgeous (and that sloths are really really slow, and that sunscreen is a must at all times!!) Thanks Chris and Dana for having us along…we loved every minute of it, and look forward to the next trip! <3 On to the pictures! DSC_4828-1-1 DSC_4837-1-1 DSC_4857-1-1 DSC_4850-1-1 DSC_4842-1-1 DSC_4841-1-1 DSC_4839-1-1 DSC_4890-1-1 DSC_4880-1-1 DSC_4879-1-1 DSC_4878-1-1 DSC_4876-1-1 DSC_4911-1-1 DSC_4910-1-1 DSC_4909-1-1 DSC_4895-1-1 DSC_4929-1-1 DSC_4927-1-1 DSC_4922-1-1 DSC_4916-1-1 DSC_4915-1-1 DSC_4968-1-1 DSC_4960-1-1 DSC_4949-1-1 DSC_4943-1-1 DSC_4939-1-1 DSC_5001-1-1 DSC_4991-1-1 DSC_4985-1-1 DSC_4983-1-1 DSC_4970-1-1 DSC_5037-1-1 DSC_5023-1-1 DSC_5012-1-1 DSC_5010-1-1 DSC_5008-1-1 DSC_5066-1-1 DSC_5048-1-1




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